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Revenue Risk Assessment and Analytics

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The purpose of this case study is to engage participants with the risk assessment process for a revenue account balance. Throughout the modules in this case study, participants are asked to create data visualizations using analytics, critically consider the results of analytics, form an initial determination about the risk level of the revenue account, develop questions for clients, critically evaluate responses to those questions, and reassess the risk level of the revenue account. This exercise provides students with real-world experience of a major part of the audit, and allows them to critically think and analyze a dataset. They will be using PowerBI/Tableau to create the visualizations, as well as Excel to clean the data. Not only will the students learn about many pieces of the audit, but they will improve their ability to create, analyze, communicate with the client, and form a conclusion!


Rachel Merrill and Luke Pfeiffer

Rachel Merrill - Deloitte Audit Senior
Luke Pfeiffer - Deloitte Audit Project Integrator Senior

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