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Symposia, Workshops, Presentations, and Conferences

Partners in Business Ethics Symposium

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign hosted the Partners in Business Ethics Symposium on October 23-24, 2018. The theme was “Ethics in a Data-Driven World." The informative two-day symposium featured insights from world-class faculty members from around the country and some of the top analytical minds in private industry. The goal was to equip business and school thought leaders with concepts and tools to share with colleagues and students. Specifically, the symposium highlighted the benefits of using and costs of ignoring ethical principles in navigating and applying big-data technologies.

Introduction to the University of Illinois-Deloitte Foundation Center for Business Analytics
Gies College of Business faculty and staff were given an introduction and overview of the Deloitte Foundation Center for Business Analytics, including its funding charge and details on how it will meet this charge. In addition, opportunities were highlighted for faculty and staff to engage with the Center in order to increase and develop the adoption of analytics more broadly throughout the College and across the Illinois campus.

In Gies College of Business, we’ve long believed in the meeting of the minds—the power of serving the profession by finding ways to bring stakeholders together to share their expertise.

There is no better way to consider new ideas than to share them with others. By bringing together scholars, practitioners, and regulators who present and provide feedback on timely topics, leading-edge research is advanced, and so is the profession.

Past Events


2021 AAA Annual Meeting

During the 2021 AAA Annual Meeting, we discussed the new analytics requirement by AACSB, challenges in data analytics education, and our efforts to alleviate those challenges.

A Panel Discussion on the Movie - "The Social Dilemma"

HOW TO: Hands-On Webinar and Teaching Orientation #1

During a 1-hour webinar held on March 3, 2022, we provided an overview of all of our content, including full courses, analytics case studies, and mini-cases that you can implement in your instruction right away! Elizabeth Luckman, one of the Center scholars, also demonstrated our brand new Ethics in Technology content.

HOW TO: Hands-On Webinar and Teaching Orientation #2
Using Excel to Teach Clustering Webinar

During a 1-hour webinar held on April 28, 2022, Ron Guymon, one of our scholars, introduced an Excel-based Clustering case. The new case can help business students with no prior experience in data analytics learn k-means clustering. If you're looking for an intuitive, approachable way to teach your students machine learning, check out this recording of the webinar and his mini case study! The case includes a full instructor guide, solution, and step-by-step solution video. 

HOW TO: Hands-On Webinar and Teaching Orientation #3

During a 1-hour webinar held on August 4, 2022, Jessen Hobson, the Center Director, walked through the business analytics curricular materials including Python, data-centric ethics cases, multi-day analytics cases, mini-cases, and more.

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Presentation at the 2022 AAA Intensive

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HOW TO: Hands-On Webinar and Teaching Orientation #4

During a 1-hour webinar held on October 21, 2022, Unnati Narang, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and RC Evans Data Analytics Scholar, discussed her two new cases that cover data cleaning and classification algorithms using the programming language R.

HOW TO: Hands-On Webinar and Teaching Orientation #5

During a 1-hour webinar held on December 13, 2022, Rachel Merrill and Luke Pfeiffer, Senior Auditors at Deloitte, presented their new 8-part case on auditor risk assessment.

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