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Web Scraping using RPA

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Automation is quickly becoming a critically important part of the business landscape, and teaching RPA using UiPath is an easy way to add RPA into any business class. In this case, Professor Kim Mendoza uses the tool UiPath to help students explore robot process automation (RPA) by creating a bot that automatically scrapes information from the Internet. This case is optimized for easy adoption into your class with videos and instructor slides. The case has the following parts: a narrated screen shot video solution for instructor, a slide deck step-by-step solution for instructor, an overview document for instructor, and a case for students. Robot process automation in business, and automation in general, is not just a passing trend. Rather, there is too much to like about automation and too much money and time that RPA can save to think it will not become an integral part of business going forward. Be ready for this trend and help your students be ready by using this case.


Kim Mendoza

Assistant Professor of Accountancy and Grant Thornton LLP Faculty Fellowship and RC Evans Data Analytics Fellow

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