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Today’s students are preparing to enter a world that is changing faster than ever. Change leads to uncertainty, which makes it even easier for people to make decisions that are out of alignment with their values. As we navigate the developing world of technology, including AI, machine learning, cloud storage, and the internet of things, we will face increasingly uncertain decision dilemmas. We need to prepare ourselves and our students to act more effectively and ethically under uncertainty. The University of Illinois-Deloitte Foundation Center for Business Analytics believes that we have a moral imperative to prepare our students with the critical thinking and research skills to navigate the ethical dilemmas that they will undoubtedly face as they navigate their careers. We offer these tools to you as well. The more conversations we have, the more scenarios we consider, and the more likely the members of our workforce will be prepared to act ethically. For this reason, we offer this case-based pedagogy to help educators to facilitate discussions around ethical dilemmas in the data and technology space.


Elizabeth Luckman

Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Administration and RC Evans Data Analytics Scholar

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