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Join us for HOW TO #5 (Hands-On Webinar and Teaching Orientation)

When? Tuesday, December 13, at 6 pm CT

What? Join us for our fifth "HOW TO" event. Rachel Merrill and Luke Pfeiffer, Senior Auditors at Deloitte, will present their new 8-part case on auditor risk assessment. Center director, Jessen Hobson, will provide an overview of the free, STEM-based business analytics materials available in the Center. Then, Rachel Merrill and Luke Pfeiffer will discuss their exciting new case that has participants perform a real-world risk assessment related to revenue for a retail company. Throughout the case, participants are asked to create data visualizations using Power BI, critically consider the results of analytics, form an initial determination about the risk level of the revenue account, develop questions for clients, judgmentally evaluate responses to those questions, and reassess the risk level of the revenue account. This new case and all of our materials are free for instructors.

Featuring: Rachel Merrill, Audit Senior at Deloitte

Luke Pfeiffer, Audit Senior at Deloitte

Questions? Contact Ye Joo Park at

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